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What If? Residents

Mars Girard
Ve/Ve/Vers & They/Them/Their(s)

Mars, also known as Kiddo Odd, explores and embodies the depth of emotion and the potential of expansion through vers creative process. This queer nonbinary Boston-born multimedia artist expresses through visual art, sound, sculpture, and movement arts while practicing the act of being living art through body modification. Also, deeply integrated into the spiritual nature of consciousness, Mars combines the occult world with vers creations. Ve imbues magic into each physical artwork and draws frequent inspiration from the arts of tarot, astrology, and yoga which ve also practices. This founding member of What If? is dedicated to fostering a mystical life surrounded by creatives and spaces which challenge concepts of normality and turn the mundane into the incredible.

Boston born and raised; Mars feels particularly drawn to this city though vers journey has lead ver to explore underground art and music scenes throughout the country. Having spent a substantial amount of time in Reno, NV, Mars’ public art interest grew after joining as a resident artist with a local art themed hostel. At this project, Mars created several large-scale full room themed art installations which transformed the circa 1928 hostel into an immersive creative experience in collaboration with artists from across the globe. After this experience, ve returned to Boston, MA to root into creating a space of vers own to actualize vers love of immersive visual art and community collaboration within their own space. This bud of inspiration grew to where Mars is today, as a member of What If?.

The relationship between various mediums is a core value in Mars’ creative process. As a multi-media creator each medium expresses vers inspiration

mars bio pic.JPG

in a unique voice and informs the evolution of one another as ve dances from visual art to sound art to movement art with the fluidity that is present throughout vers life. Some of vers favorite means of expression are through portrait illustration, mural painting, furniture revamping, stuffed animal stitching, magical item artificing, fire dancing, singing, and trance state fluid dancing. This being is lit up through collaboration with others and finds great joy in volunteering to participate in art and music events, groups, and team projects. Those with curiosity are invited to email to reach out about commissions and collaborations at any time.

Aloe Dickson

Aloe Dickson aka plantmanz (they/them) is a queer/nonbinary visual/theater artist and organizer who has always been dedicated to making space for unusual and awesome creation.


At age 13, they decided they wanted to play Hamlet but realized there was no way that anybody would cast someone of their age and gender presentation. Consequently, they undertook the task of producing, directing, and starring in their own production which was performed in their backyard. They called this venture “Youthquake Theater,” since they were busting up stereotypes about young people and gender, and went on to direct 13 more shows over the course of their teenage years (you can even watch a TEDx talk about this experience!) They’ve also been involved in the Boston theater scene for most of their life and acted, directed, and done backstage work with theater companies across the Boston area.

Aloe Bio Pic.jpg

They love bringing an artistic perspective to the world of political organizing, and did so as a City Council candidate in their home city of Medford MA in 2021. The urge to artify and organize comes from a similar place for them: the need for world shaping and the need to understand and support oddness. After knocking on hundreds of their neighbors' doors and speaking with them on the phone, they have learned that creative visioning can occur in many forms from a painting to making a city more equitable and functional.

As a founding member of What If?, they have begun identifying as a visual artist after taking up mural painting and completing six large wall-sized pieces. They are delighted by painting faces in unexpected places and creating mythical visual representations of their self. They are jazzed to have another receptacle in which to pour their weird explosive creative energy in What If?.

Ballard Blair
She/Her/Hers & They/Them/Their(s)

Mx. Blaire finds herself drawn to the magic that’s released when humans convene together. As an event & community organizer, they believe in the restorative power of building inclusive environments rooted in collaboration with local artists, activists, and creators of all kinds. Committed to strengthening her local community, Mx. Blaire constantly seeks new ways to foster and encourage human connection.  


Mx. Blaire currently organizes various events throughout the Greater Boston Area. As resident of the Queer underground dance music collective Boudoir, they work to put on pop-up events throughout the city centered around radical, free Queer expression and high-quality dance music. One of the co-founders of the euphoric break-beat party Break-Fast, they bring their love of freaky, off-kilter club music to dance-floors around Boston. With every event Mx. Blaire is a part of, she strives to curate environments where folks can release their inhibitions for true self-expression and where all bodies are celebrated.

Behind the DJ decks, Mx. Blaire weaves spells as a sonic sorcerexx. Floating through multiple genres like bubbly, boomin break-beat, thumping melodic techno, or bright slinking house music during any given set, she finds joy in moving through different sonic textures while keeping a fluid groove. Her emotions flow through in her sets to open up a conversation with listeners and dancers alike. A humble guide for helping healing bass tones and rejuvenating frequencies pass through speakers. She brings her love of music everywhere she goes, whether that's in an intimately dingy

basement party, a raucous underground rave, a modern art museum, a family wedding, or a dimly lit club, Mx. Blaire is sure to make you dance. Deepening their roots in Boston’s creator network, Mx. Blaire is excited to help build What 1F? and engage in collective art elevation.    

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