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What If? Creative Vision

What If? is a Queer creator collaborative. We have a broad vision for uniting and building a network of local creatives of varied expressions - visual, sound, movement, theatre arts and any other means of expression that flow through us.


Being a queer/trans prioritized space is central to our mission because creating comes more freely in a space where we are fully respected and uplifted. Providing a safe space for marginalized people to explore play and creativity supports deep healing, restoration of belief in self, and strengthens our community bonds. 


Our core vision is to provide space to spontaneously create. We have found that in our space and with each other, and we look forward to sharing that more deeply with our community through murals, workshops, collaboration, and more.

whatif We_Watered_The_Garden_Of_Our_Imagination.png
What if there were no spacial limits to your creativity?

We see our entire space as a canvas: in our semi-industrial warehouse every surface is suitable for art, including floors, ceilings, cabinets, appliances, etc. At What If?, we have the freedom to change the appearance of our space to allow for our vision of covering every available surface with art. 

We believe that art inspires art. As creative roots grow to cover every corner of What If?, the space becomes more enriched and the environment conducive to free flowing creation.

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